NS-300WB Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System

High efficiency, environmentally friendly. 30 tube system Commercial application include – Cafe’s – Laundromats – Caravan parks

Brand Name: North Solar
Model Number: NS-300-xxx
Capacity: 300L
Type: Evacuated Tube
Tank Pressure: Unpressurised
Circulation Type: Direct / Open Loop (Active)
Heating System: Thermosyphon (Passive)
Connection Type: Direct-Plug
Installation: Bracket/stand
Housing Material: Stainless steel plate
Australian Standard
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminium, Copper, Glass, Borax

Thickness of the stainless steel (SS):0.4mm
Quality of SS: food grade 304-2B
Pressure test of heat exchanger: 4 Mpa
Pressure rating of copper coil heat exchanger: 40 kg
Heat exchange unit: Copper coil – length=25m, diameter=12mm, thickness=0.8mm
Insulation: 50mm high density integral polyurethane foam
Seals: silicon rubber

Vacuum tube composition: single target vacuum tube – super hard borax and silica glass
Efficiency 93%-94%,
Vacuum tube size: 58*1800mm
Thickness of the glass in tubes: 1.6MM
Vacuum tube composition: single target vacuum tube composed of super hard borax and silica glass, efficiency 93%-94%,58*1800mm
Hail rating:25mm(dia)

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  • Model: NS-300WB
  • Manufacturer: North Solar

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