Main tank fittings repair kIt - 'NS-Permanent sealer’

Installation kit for the NS200 & NS300 will save a plumber around 90minutes in Labour. It includes all fittings and piping, including tempering valve.

'NS-Permanent sealer’ is a permanent sealing compound which is designed to handle high temperatures without adverse effect.

The Ns-Ps17 comes as a black rubber looking substance, it is relatively solid and rubbery in its cold state.

It becomes a black liquid when heated on a stove.

NS-Ps17 has a melting point of 300 deg C and is very effective in sealing leaks and stabilising fittings to reduce micro-movement.

The Repair Kit includes enough sealer to fix 4-6 fittings.

  • NS-Ps17 compound
  • Protective template for N200/300 fittings
  • Metal melting/pouring jug
  • Access to repair instructions and guides in our 'Education centre on-line'

  • Availability: 98
  • Model: NS-Ps17
  • Manufacturer: North Solar

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