Installation KIt 1/2"

Installation kit for the NS200 & NS300 will save a plumber around 90 minutes in Labour. It includes all fittings and piping, including tempering valve.
Everything necessary to have unit ready for plumbing directly to water source.

These kits come pre assembled to save you time in configuration.
Teflon is required for proper seal.

1x 1100mm Flexible Stainless Steel hose

1x 900mm Flexible Stainless Steel hose - Insulated

2x 200mm Flexible Stainless Steel hose

1x 4 way brass coupling

1x F-F coupler

1x M-M coupler (for header tank)

1x shut off valve

1x tempering valve

2x 3/4” to 1/2” adaptors

1x 3/4" one way directional valve

  • Availability: 95
  • Model: NS-IK12
  • Manufacturer: North Solar

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