Header tank

Header tank to fill main tank with water. Simple float valve, nothing to break. Mains pressure rated. Stainless steel = long lifespan.
Header tank with automatic float valve designed to fill main tank when water levels evaporate or steam out.
Fully automatic after being plumbed in.
Includes heavy duty seal.
Teflon tape is NOT included.

12 month warranty



 Inner tank

  Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B 


  Polyurethane integrated foam-forming layer

 Outer Shell

   Food-grade stainless steel SUS304-2B

 Float Ball

  Stainless steel SUS304 argon-arc welding 

Valve Shaft



  High-temperature resisting silicon seal

Tank Seat

  Thick rubber seat with arc design


  • Availability: 96
  • Model: NS-HTSS5
  • Manufacturer: North Solar

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