North Solar gives you confidence with warranties on products well above Legislative and consumer laws..


Payment is due in full prior to any pick up of goods.
Goods will not be released under any circumstances unless we have proof of full payment, in cash, PayPal, EFT bank transfer or any other method designated and agreed to by us.

  • EFT Bank transfer is free
  • Visa and Mastercard are free
  • PICK UP is free

Pick up is available from Diamond Creek, Victoria. Our Wallan distribution centre is not open to the public, but delivery by us can be arranged in and around Wallan at a small charge during one of our regular runs.


Items can be stored at our premises for 14 days after cleared payment for the purpose of pick up by buyer or someone appointed by the buyer (in writing, email, sms, eBay email).

Storage over 14 days can accrue fees of $10 per day, unless otherwise arranged with us beforehand and confirmed in writing.

If goods are not picked up within 100 days, the goods will be auctioned and proceeds will be donated to charity. In effect you will surrender the goods to charity and will not be able to claim reimbursement from us or the charity the funds are donated to.


What North Solar (us, our, we) guarantees;

Our products are manufactured to extremely high standards. Each product is manually inspected prior to leaving our warehouse and is guaranteed against manufacture faults.

  • NS200 stainless steel tank is guaranteed against manufacturers defects for a period of 8 years from the date of purchase
  • NS300 stainless steel tank is guaranteed against manufacturers defects for a period of 6 years from the date of purchase
  • North Solar vacuum tubes are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase
  • The rest of our products are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase

This includes;

  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts
  • Stainless steel header tank
  • Aluminium tank stand/frame
  • Stainless steel tank stand/frame
  • Seals, internal and external

If any of the above are faulty due to manufacturers fault, we will replace or repair, at our choice, the faulty item as soon as practical.

Freight to or from the client or our workshop is not covered under our guarantee and will have to be covered by the owner, except in the case of DOA, which will be determined by us.

Any DOA claims have to be lodged within 7 days of receipt of goods.

For a claim to be valid, it is required to be corresponded to within 84 days (12 weeks) of notification of problem (this needs to be in writing including; email, sms, or hand written. Voicemail or telephone claims are not valid). If the client has has not responded within 84 days, it is deemed the client doe not want to pursue the case and it will be closed and no further claims can be made with North Solar for that product.


A NS300 kit is delivered to a client by a North Solar representative. Client notices the tank has been damaged in transit after opening the box 8 days after delivery. Client contacts North Solar to inform of the damage. North Solar emails the client confirming issues and suggests a resolution.

  1. Client goes on holidays and responds to North Solar that they are happy with the resolution 83 days later. North Solar will honour resolution.
  2. Client goes on holidays and responds to North Solar that they are happy with the resolution 85 days later. Resolution will NO LONGER BE VALID.

Warranty is VOID if products are used outside of the scope they were intended for.

Warranty is VOID if replacement parts are not North Solar or approved by North Solar, such as third party vacuum tubes, header tanks.

Warranty is VOID if liquids used in tanks are not of a 'Rainwater or drinkable water' standard, this includes bore water, dam water, unfiltered water, mineralised water (natural or man made).



We will NOT repair;

Any item damaged by you, or any representative you may nominate. This may include couriers or anyone instructed by you or someone appointed by you.

We will NOT repair any part damaged by you, or any representative you may nominate.

Pay for any courier or transport to get faulty goods back to our depot. This has to be organised and paid by you prior to any guarantee being honoured by us.

Replace any vacuum tube damaged in transport or through inappropriate handling by you or any representative you may nominate.

We will not repair any goods which are not part of the North Solar range. This means if you choose to use a third party vacuum tube, stand, header tank or any other component which will replace a North Solar component supplied to you by us. In all effect, using third party replacement voids your warranty, unless expressly agreed to by us in writing.

We will NOT repair any unit or component which has been modified, opened, or installed while in a damaged state.


We are importers, designers, wholesalers. We offer an installation service which may be performed by North Solar approved contractor. The installation is guaranteed by the contractor and their terms and conditions, NOT North Solar.

It is important that all products are installed by a suitably qualified professional and adhere to all local Laws and Regulations.

Your Registered builder or Registered plumber are the most qualified to understand your local legal and building specific requirements.

We will not be liable in anyway for any injury by you, to you, or anyone associated, directed, related to you.

Guarantee will be compromised and not honoured if not installed to North Solar specifications or by an unlicensed professional, or in a  manner which may breach local or national Laws and Regulations.


We will not release your personal, business, electronic, paper, real, virtual data or information to any 3rd party without your written consent.

We will not release or forward your email address or any other information for the purpose of promotion or advertising without your written consent.


All care is taken to ensure our goods are couriered in good condition and are delivered to you in perfect condition. We do not offer insurance for transport. If you feel you require insurance for your goods, you will have to arrange that through your own insurer or broker. We will supply your insurer with a Pro-Forma Invoice at your request.

We do not guarantee goods in transport.

We recommend if you feel that goods may be damaged in transit that you seek and get 'Goods in Transit Insurance', also known as Cargo or Marine insurance.

We send an email 24hours prior to freight being dispatched. If you do not cancel the order within that time, you will be liable for any return freight if the goods are not suitable.

We do not refund freight.


We may use photographs provided by you or taken by us or our representatives for the purpose of promotion on our website, in electronic or other format of communication and transfer. This may include print material, social media, email, bogs, vlogs or other current or future mediums.