NS 20-15 Solar Hot Water Kit, contains everything you need for a registered plumber (where required by law) or a handyman to connect to your existing hot water system as a booster unit, or even as a standalone unit in the right weather environments. (You will need accessories such as switch off valves, water hoses, teflon tape and tools, these are not included in our standard kits).

          NS 20-15 consists of a 200 litre stainless steel tank insulated with high efficiency 50 mm foam.

          This combination will keep water hot in the tank for several days after just a few hours of direct sunlight. 

              NS 20-15 kit has all the parts conveniently included in a separate carton within the main tank box. 

              In it you will find the black rubber seals for the vacuum tubes, which keep the tubes leak free and sealed. This is an added feature as the insulating foam acts as the primary seal. 

              You will also find the white plastic rest guides which are used to rest the bottom of the vacuum tubes in the frame.

              The extra long steam release valve tube makes pressure under extreme conditions a non issue. (This should be checked regularly to ensure it is not blocked and functioning properly).

              There is also a white plug which is designed to be pulled out if using more than one unit.

              NS 20-15 are so efficient, many clients enjoy 2,3 or even 5 in a row to get free hot water.