Vacuum tubes

You are supplied with 20 genuine North Solar vacuum tubes, there are 10 in each box.Be very careful as they are glass and can be fragile

        Using dishwashing liquid as a lubricant is a must, it makes the tubes slide in much easier. You will find you may brake the tube if you do not use some form of lubricant.

            After lubricating the tube liberally, put on the rubber seal and pull it down about 20cm, this will make it more convenient to slide the tube into the tank without getting pinched.

            Wriggle in the tube into the tank firmly but with care. You will feel a release on pressure once it has passed into the tank past the insulation

                Once you have pushed it in enough, gently pull it out to rest in the whit plastic guides. Now you can push up the rubber seal up to the tank for extra protection

                    Repeat the process until all the tubes are in.

                    Make sure the tubes are resting even in the tank. Once you are happy how they are positioned, you can finish tightening the main tank nuts.

                    You are now ready to plumb it in.