Your 200 L stainless steel tanks is in the biggest carton. REMEMBER the tank weighs almost 30 kg, so its recommended you use two people to move it.

          Your stand should be ready to be placed in its final resting location (in this manual we will refer to it as the roof). Make sure all bolts are finger tight but not too tight.

          Once you have attached your stand to the roof, you are ready to place the tank on the stand.

          You will need 2 people to put the tank into place.

              Remove the protective bolt covers. Your stand has guides which allow the tank to moved so it’s in perfect position.

              While adjusting the tank to the guides, you may find it quite tight. This is why you don’t tighten all the bolts until the tank is securely in place.

              Screw on the nuts to the main tank, finger tight.

              You can now tighten the nuts on the whole frame.