Everyone can access courses under this category. North Solar believes in education and strives to promote high standards in Solar Hot Water Systems.

Safety and CPR is designed to promote CPR and basic life support in conjunction with common sense safety ideas.

The CPR component can be used as a 'Refresher course' or to help you learn about 'Cardiopulmonary resuscitation'

**Please note: This is not a substitute to doing a certified course and should only be used as a guide**

Find information on which system is best suited to your situation. Evacuated Solar Hot Water Systems are excellent, but not suited for everyone. 

You will learn the difference between Solar Hot Water Systems in a plain English, clear and concise manner.

The Sun has a great deal of power.

Learn which direction is most effective for us in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • North
  • West
  • East
  • South
  • Longitutude
  • Angles

Do you need a booster?

You will learn the difference between electric, gas, tank, and existing systems that can be used as a booster to an evacuated tube solar hot water system, or if you need one at all.